Remember the other ways

On The Illogic of Fairy Tales, by Genevieve Cogman

Well, they certainly seem illogical if we try to apply the rules of this world, the physical world, to them. But there are other logics, rules and maps for reality, just as what may seem like nonsense to one person is, in fact, another person’s language.

We in the Western world have become very used to operating with only the most physical/literal of languages – logic and reason. But we weren’t always so limited in our understanding of realities – perhaps fairy tales are a call, reminding us of other ways of knowing, seeing and telling the world….?

Poetry Submission, Collaborations and YA fantasy… Oh My!

All’s been quiet on the blog front for the last month while I’ve been holidaying (read: recovering) and beavering away at an avalanche of projects.

There’s the collaborative picture book Gabriel and I are working on, poetry finished and the artwork under way – can’t wait to see how that looks!

There’s the YA fantasy novel I’ve been working on…. very….. slowly (I blame the baby!) that has now, just this afternoon, had it’s final chapter finally edited and is ready for beta reading. More on that below.

And there’s been an intriguing shift in my poetry after reading The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti to my children over the holidays – at their request – and being blown away by the imagery, the wild rhythm that just calls you on, the deliciousness of it, and how exciting that mythic kind of subject can be in poetry. So I’ve been trying my hand at some fantasy poety, and have – just right this minute before logging on to write this post – submitted a poem to Goblin Fruit that I’m really rather proud of. Let’s see what happens there!

Right – now more on the beta reading. Who’s up for reading a draft of my next book, and giving me some firm (gentle, be gentle) criticism? It’s a contemporary fantasy aimed at younger readers – 12 ish – and if that’s your thing, or you know someone who might know someone who might be interested…. please let me know. Many thanks!

Memory Feast

Wishing bones crackle
in flames of sinew.
A dripdrop of hope
down the darkness of the well –
And I haul up my buckets
day after day.

Memory stacks up
the time under my feet.
We are falling through futures,
And I follow the first family home
to the long room that’s come
full circling here.

This feasting goes on,
the beer is on tap,
we are singing the sweet ones –
home again, down again –
as we are all born, in the fire of life.