New Poetry Collection!

I’m so pleased to announce the (first proper) release of my poetry collection Beloved.

Love letters to the Beloved. From laments at the heartbreak of loss to songs of joy at the mystical union of first love, these poems chart the timeless romance we are all engaged in, with our human lovers as well as the Divine.

You can buy it for Kindle on for 77p or on for $0.99


This spinning silence

Threads, like honey tonight

Through the house.

You are all soft, asleep

& dreaming,

While I wake to watch you

While I wish for / fear you


Broken hopes that sprout in sunlight

never less than now, they

are my fools gold



away to the hills, I ran

with armfuls of you all

amazement at the days of holding,

being held

While you were growing

into more that simple wishes


Into life


by L. K. Tamaya 28/07/14