Itchy fingers that
Need to do, to finish
What I didn’t start
We won’t be sill, atleast not deep inside
Until you are
My dear, I cannot fix this
thing which you have done
While in my world it’s nothing
In your world, right now, it’s all
This fine line I walk
between helping
and getting in your way
Sometimes wanting nothing more that to be finished -
A long walk away that would never end -
And holding on fover, knowing
that forever is a story just for me.

L. K. Tamaya

In My Skin

you’re in my skin like sunshine in leaves
And our touch is touching self
more clearly than a thought or word
as it tries to match
the inevitable loss of knowing
And time is meaningless as my lips brush your cheek because
the moment of touching is more real
than I am by myself
And wonder beads like dew at dawn
in the light of your sleeping
As I am tumbled smooth in the crashing wake
of being a part of you

L. K. Tamaya


My life is yours
A day in mine
For a night, together
I’ll give my all in all
For you
And take the excess as you fade

My life for yours
Can we fairly trade?
Across the ocean, across the tracks,
when nothing comes
when no one hears
And when wanting more’s a sure way to turn back

My life and yours,
Nothing so close
as we breath in time
I’ll live it full as I can for you
And live it loud as you listen
in from the other side

L. K. Tamaya