A new collaboration

The dreamers call
Now sounded in his heart
And then he knew…


I’m really excited to reveal some lines from our new collaboration – a picture book combining my poetry and Gabriel’s artwork.

The poem’s now finished and has been passed to Gabriel to start work on the paintings. This will be the first book to be published by our new publishing company, Song Bone Press.

More details to come – sign up below for updates!

Another Power

I have no gun, no bow, no sword, no spear
No missile, no rocket, no drone and no vote ~
The rage inside impotent
unheard and invisible
My tears shed unseen by numberless billions
And no camera is trained on me

My prayers fragile, paper doves in a firestorm
In the face of so much that words can’t encompasse, in the wake
of each earthquake of mankind like a driving rain
of destruction that sometimes
seems hopeless

But you just through of the meaning you know –
Of the moment of pain somewhere, that you care for
right now
and my power is words