Sainsburys Girls Clothing Rant

This is mini skirt and tights weather, according to Sainsburys. Either that, or girls really should just stay at home and be pretty… another rant, by me. Grrrr….

My husband and I were appalled today when we visted the Sainsbury’s Ipswich store and could find NOT ONE PAIR of sturdy, warm trousers for our daughter to wear when playing outside this winter.

In the adjoining aisles there were atleast twenty pairs of chinos, jeans, jogging bottoms and cords for the boys that would be appropriate for winter walks and physical play, but the girls section was full of mini skirts with tights and lightweight leggings.

I have no problem with putting my daughter in boys trousers to get the job done, but I shouldn’t have to. Neither should she EVER receive the message that because she’s a girl she doesn’t need sturdy clothing – but this is the message your clothing section gives her every time we visit.

In this day and age, it is simply unacceptable for my daughter to be discriminated against in this way by a major business that claims to be ‘ethical’. We won’t be buying any more childrens clothes from Sainsbury’s stores until this ridiculous genderisation of the childrens section is rectified.

Most sincerely, L Tamaya

#letclothesbeclothes #feminism #gender

Memory Feast

Wishing bones crackle
in flames of sinew.
A dripdrop of hope
down the darkness of the well –
And I haul up my buckets
day after day.

Memory stacks up
the time under my feet.
We are falling through futures,
And I follow the first family home
to the long room that’s come
full circling here.

This feasting goes on,
the beer is on tap,
we are singing the sweet ones –
home again, down again –
as we are all born, in the fire of life.


Wasp Queen

The fox says
have you heard the wasp?
The wasp who stings and bites the herd,
who takes the caterpillar to her nest
to feast her wasplings on the dead.
Who flies headstrong into the wind,
her voice a song that’s barely there,
that calls the highest down to ground
and names each by their truest name.
She, warrior queen, huntress alone,
knows nothing is less than, and nothing is more.

#wild #totems #medicine